Mark Kirkpatrick

Musings on a wonderful world-wide web. Blog of personal opinions,random access memories :)

A Channels Strategy case study in government

Delivering for the Digital Public Service in New Zealand.

The response to COVID-19 across government digital services

Reflections on the collective response of government agencies releasing information quickly to meet user needs.

Innovation is the opportunity, and the challenge

Promoting innovative ideas and work across the public sector in Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Top 5 principles in digital service delivery across government

Delivering positive impacts for all-of-government in New Zealand.

Helping people navigate the complexities of government

The design and delivery of services that centre around user needs.

'Ok government' - voice of the user

We want to understand better how our content serves voice queries currently and what we need to be doing to improve it.

A Pattern Library proof of concept for New Zealand government

Building a model to develop consistent, quality services,easy to use and reuse.


A first firebreak for New Zealand Government Information Services.

Design for life - a government design system

Creating conditions where people can easily use familiar, tested, trusted patterns interacting with government services.

Collaborating to make data easier to discover and use

Working together to deliver to common goals of making data release and use across New Zealand better for everyone.

Insight - sharing learning and ideas

A regular 30-40 min forum with speakers talking from the government digital services team.

Working through the phases, delivering a new

Working through the agile cycle as celebrated, promoted by GDS in the UK etc.

A new year, a new zeal (sorry!)

Starting 2017 working with the all-of-government digital services team.

Governance for guidance

Begin to build and promote governance for your digital services.

The language of users

Using tools to engage users on their terms.

Nice sites: London and New York

A monthly look at examples of great experiences and beautiful touchpoints for users.

Dipping into data

Drive user-centricity throughout an organisation by embedding and communicating analytics.

The 'cull' word

Focus on the user, craft content accordingly and engage.